Blind Illusion Spiritually Released Scenario Finale Part II

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Grace Be unto You, And Peace,

From God Our Sovereign Father, And the Lord Jesus Christ

It is desired by the author Gloria Martin, for each person reading the main book, Blind Illusion, Spiritually Released, Part I, to also enjoy reading the inspiring messages written with unique spiritual impressions, in the special book extended Part II version of Blind Illusion, Spiritually Released, Scenario Finale.

On this reading journey, your reading experience will encounter a spiritual glimpse of a special disclosures with intriguing messages written in senario contents.  

It is desired for each person reading Blind Illusion-Spiritually Released: Scenario Finale, to fully comprehend the inspiring messages written, not only to identify the existence of current issues, spiritually and socially, but also give emphasis on how from the moment of divine conception of Earth, the intentions of the Creator of how mankind has evolved: “It Wasn’t Supposed To Be This Way”.

Blessed Be to Those Who Are Still Standing, In Expectation of the Last Trumpet to Sound.

To God Be All The Glory!  Evangelist Gloria Martin –“Mother Glo”.