Gloria Martin’s Creative writing Skills Based on the following Comments from College Professors:

Samples of Theme Papers are available upon request.

1.  “Excellent Presentation”-Sample 1: TH 191: Introduction of Apologetics Final Exam Assignment


2.  “Did A Stellar Job!”. “Good References and Citation on Your Works Cited Page”. “The Details You Provide Demonstrate a Clear Understanding of The Content.”

(Portfolio Sample 3: PWS 103 Hermeneutics)


3. “Excellent Thesis! Format, Structure, Content Are Noteworthy”!  (Portfolio Sample 5: BC 506 The Life and thoughts of Howard Thurman)


4. “Your Research Efforts Yielded an Excellent Graduate Paper, Gloria”. “You Are an Outstanding Student”! “The Level of Academic Presentation Is Commendable”.

(Portfolio Sample 6: TH 501 Foundations in Theology)


5. “Excellent review and reflections, Gloria”. “And great initiative with "inserting Alter's techniques"”. “That alone gets you several "brownie points". LOL”. “I think you have done well in grasping Alter's foundational points in developing biblical narratives”.  (Portfolio Sample 7: TH 191 Introduction of Apologetics)


6. “Excellent reflections, Gloria...........and Powerful”!   (Portfolio Sample 8: NTS 508 the Passion Narratives in the Gospels)


7. “Thanks for the effort”! “You provide a very thorough research paper”. “I appreciate your referencing of course concepts and your own elaboration”.

(Portfolio Sample 11: TH101 Systematic Theology)


8. “Excellent work, Gloria. use of in-text referencing shows your diligence and attention to MLA writing guidelines on the graduate level”. “Your paper is both informative and interesting”. “This is a paper that can be circulated in varying religious and academic circles. Keep up the good work”!

(Portfolio Sample 12: CH 501 History of Christian Thought I)


9. “Excellent work, Gloria”. “Thank you for your diligence in submitting your Final Exam”. “The time, effort, and energy exerted to manifest your Research Paper show in its excellent presentation”. “This informative and interesting paper is well-researched, well-written, and is a great culmination of the exemplary work you have done during this Summer session”.

(Portfolio Sample 13: CH History of Christian Thought I)


10. “Excellent work in presenting your Case Study, Gloria”. “The introduction and brief summation of your Case Study were very effective to set up and expand on your research information and text reading about relevant and support information”. “Great conversation/analysis to elaborate on and expand this conversation”. “Such is necessary in case Study analysis”. “Great application of your explanations and defense to develop your Final Exam”.   

(Portfolio Sample 17: MIN 502 Crisis and Conflict Management in the Church)




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To Whom It May Concern: 

I, am WP, writing a recommendation for Gloria Martin pertaining to the Christian Magazine. My reference is based off of me purchasing her book, “BLIND ILLUSION SPIRITUALLY RELEASED-PART 1 and PART 2.”  

In reading her book, I see that Gloria writes in a way that is easy for the reader to understand. Her thoughts are portrayed clearly and they were easy for me to comprehend. One can visualize what is being read in your head as you read the book. The content in the book is clear and concise. I have been knowing Gloria for over three years as a co-worker, and she is a talented writer. I hope to read more of her work. 

Warm Regards, 



From Gloria Martin’s book Blind Illusion Spiritually Release Part 1:

Special Acknowledgements (by permission)

 “Mighty Woman of God, this is a transforming revealing soul discovering antidote.”  “It’s time that transparent evaluation sets the tone. Servant Martin has unveiled the mask, that is keeping so many bound, griped and crippled.” 

“Mighty Woman of God, time and season unlocks and reveals, that which had embalmed so many, and counted them as dead; but yet alive.”  “Here you will find a journey like has twisted so many and derailed many.” “Here we see the cleansing and renewing made manifest.”

“As this Servant invites you and me in as we become a mirror.”    “See yourself unfold.”  “Great unmasking.”    

“I highly encourage all and extremely supportive.” “Evangelist Gloria Martin, you captured it all.”

Michael A. Robinson: Founding Pastor

Resurrection Life Christian Worship Center