Book: Blind Illusion Spiritually Released Part I


Blind Illusion-Spiritually Released: Through Disillusion, I Was Blind; Through Reality, Now I See.

Blind Illusion-Spiritually Released, was not written with intentions to stir controversial theological points of perceptions, nor direct criticizing opinions toward any particular ministry. 

This book is not for “church-bashing” or to challenge years of Anointed teachings.  Yet, some readers will eventually ask: Why “Write Such a Book As This”?

I believe, there is an Era of Blind Disillusionment, thriving among us functioning in a cleverly concealed corrupt system.  The Era of Blind Disillusionment is slowly unraveling a form of knowledge, which has already challenged some people’s Faith, their Beliefs, and their Trust. 

People who are sincere about following the “True Gospel” of Jesus Christ should seriously research the “whole” History of Christianity; learn about the Remnant, the Sovereign God and Jesus spoke about; analyze carefully the Spiritual Challenges in this New Millennium, and the Prophetic Warnings about “End-Times”.

There is a “Knowledge” which yield vital information, which will disclose a “wisdom of truth” that connects the “Full Conclusion of the Whole Matter” to the Sovereign Father’s Divine Will.

One of the major focus of Jesus was to:  Expose The Works Of Evil And Warn Mankind!  Prophetic Warnings are not stalling, they are being fulfilled even as you are reading this page!

Therefore, sensing a compelling responsibility, Blind Illusion-Spiritually Released was exclusively written to:

  • Discuss wicked deceptions operating through “another form of gospel” thriving among us, which is cleverly twisting the teachings of Jesus Christ, into false interpretations.
  • Discuss how errors in scripture translations, have a direct impact on the dysfunctional social, and spiritual fellowships, which are fueling the stigma of Spiritual Abuse.
  • Discuss issues some individuals may feel victimized by the wickedness of (“The D.I.M. Effect”) Domination, Intimidation, and Manipulation, through impostors posing as “ministers of light”, (who focus on building impressive resumes).
  • Express compassion for people who in obedience to the “course” of their ordained mission, knew in time, they had to leave the loving-fellowship of a church, and risk the insulting and degrading, unholy “mark” of being labeled as a “church-hopper”; a “runner” or lone-soldier!

 (There are many End-Time Messengers on their Divine Missions who are “marked” in error)!

In the Late 1990’s this book began as simple notations of things I was taught and witnessed.  In time, it transformed into “such a book as this”; Blind Illusion; Spiritually Released.  It Is Time now In Year 2020, To Finally Publish: Such A Book as This!